is a participatory art project inviting participants to provide videoclips taken within the last two years. The short videoclips of maximum one minute length should be marked with date and location of creation and should then be uploaded onto the www.state-pattern website. Participants should choose a clip that they consider relevant for a larger public.



The project is interested in both, unpublished videoclips and clips that have already been published on social media networks!


They constitute a kind of raw material from which the project develops state pattern, quasi snapshots of social interaction. The videoclips will not be played as such but will be arranged as sequences of videos stills that then will be printed on fleece wallpaper. 


Videoclips are a medium allowing social processes to dissolve and become arbitrary. Aimless but not ineffective these visual lead shots trigger states of uncertainty and alienation.



Zustandsmuster, a project developed by Michael Gompf, is part of the artist's performative research of the interrelation between social sphere and perceived identity. Zustandsmuster expanding former projects by adding a participatory aspect questions the social sphere in respect to its physical and virtual specifications.


Extremely complex social structures of global dimension coagulate into an image, a state-pattern.


The project Zustandsmuster/state-pattern starts on October 11 2016 with the presentation "Zustandsmuster eins/state-pattern one" in the showroom of the Provisorium NĂ¼rtingen (Germany).